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Hingham Garage Door Spring Repair

Sometimes when you have a problem with your garage door system sometimes the problem occurs from the springs that suspend the garage door and guide it as the opener moves the garage door along the track. These springs can be placed in different ways and there are two types of garage door springs: extension springs and torsion springs. Sometimes extension springs can be taken care of by the homeowner but not all the time, the torsion springs should always be taken care of by a professional. Whenever in doubt, it’s always best to have a professional inspect and maintain the springs on your garage door system. Hingham Efficient Garage Repair is very knowledgeable about the springs on garage doors and can detect if there are any issues very quickly. It makes sense to have a specialist from Hingham Efficient Garage Repair come to inspect your garage door springs to get to the bottom of the issue quickly, safely, and correctly. Once we find the issue, we can fix the springs and get them back in working order quickly.

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Hingham Efficient Garage Repair knows their way around garage door springs. If you hear creaking or popping noises, the garage door is rolling up slower than usual, or the garage door isn’t moving at all with the opener then you should call our technicians to come see what is happing with your garage door system. Chances are it is an issue with the garage door springs and with some care and maintenance they’ll be back on track. There is always a chance that it would be safer to replace the garage door springs as well, so keep in mind safety is important when talking with the specialist from Hingham Efficient Garage Repair.

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